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What’s the Return-on-Investment from your Website

The first port of call for most people searching for a new product or service is the Internet. “Googling” is a new verb that has entered our lexicon and our business practices.

Having your strongest sales arguments online and available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, simply makes business sense. While content is king, there are technical considerations as well. For really successful websites, ease of use, clarity of navigation and site speed are important factors. As is the suitability for browsing on mobile devices.

Info-Onscreen uses the latest content management system to build websites that can be easily updated by your own marketing staff. We create powerful database back-end systems for product listings and any repetitive information you may need to display.

We use forms to gather user information and can link into your Facebook or Twitter account.If you need to communicate via blogs or need FAQ, Wiki or Forum functions, Info-Onscreen can cost effectively integrate these into your solution.

Every Info-Onscreen website comes with basic SEO functionality built in. We also offer a service for more advanced SEO optimisations.Increasingly, it is essential for a mobile version of the website to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into the main website.

Info-Onscreen can advise you on the best strategy for dual publishing for PC and mobile device.

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  • Investor Roadshows
  • AGM Presentaions
  • Presentations to government & regulators
  • Investor updates – newsletters & email campaigns

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